www.turbotax.com login

Turbotax offers best tax return filing services to its users. In addition to this, it is done as per tax laws and under experts guidance.
As a result, Turbotax is among the topmost choices of people who perform e-filing of tax returns. Accessing turbotax is a piece of cake, you simply need to register an account on www.turbotax.com login. Then, it will allow you to login and select products according to your tax requirements.


How can I do www.turbotax.com login?

If you already possess an account on Turbotax, then you can easily login through these steps:

  1. Visit www.turbotax.com login.
  2. Then tap ‘Sign In’.
  3. Further, you need to choose the year for which you login the return.
  4. Thereafter, tap ‘Continue’, (you will find this after the return you need to file).
  5. If you need to begin new one, select ‘Start a new return’.

How to Download & Install turbotax on Windows?

Some general steps to Download & Install turbotax on Windows are given below:

  • Visit to turbotax official website.
  • Thereafter, sign-in using user-id & password you used to create account onwww.turbotax.com login‘.
  • Nextly, choose the turbotax version and then save downloaded file on your preferred location .
  • Insert CD into computer drive and proceed further.
  • Then, Press Windows+R to Open Run window.
  • Choose ‘Browse’, then find your CD on drive generally Drive D.
  • Afterwards, double-click ‘setup.exe’ file & begin turbotax installation.

After you insert CD into Drive, Installation may start within 4 minutes. If not begin then follow the steps given above.
In order to use, turbotax software, simply double-click the file (which you downloaded earlier) and saved at certain location.

How to activate Turbotax after installation?

You will see screen ‘Your product is installed’, after successfully installing Turbotax, then :

  1. Select ‘let’s activate it’ option to proceed.
  2. Nextly, enter license code in the box that demands license code.
  3. Lastly, tap ‘Continue’.
  4. You can explore all turbotax features as it has been activated.

How to alter www.turbotax.com login details on turbotax?

  1. Login your turbotax account using credentials you used to create account.
  2. Choose ‘Intuit Account’ under Menu section.
  3. Then, head on to ‘Manage your Account’ section.
  4. In order to change User ID, Password,email address, or phone number, tap ‘Sign In & Security’.
  5. Now, put in new information.
  6. Lastly, click ‘Save’ to confirm.

NOTE: You can also change details such as name,date of birth, address, or occupation by selecting ‘Personal info’ in step 4.

How can I recover www.turbotax.com login user id & password?

There may be times when you forget login id or password, then you must refer to steps given below:

  1. Visit www.turbotax.com login recovery page, firstly.
  2. Then, you need to enter one of the following: Phone number, Email address, User ID
  3. Now, follow on-screen instructions.
  4. You will receive a code then use it to recover your credentials.

Note: You may get a list of accounts associated with the information you give instead of any code.